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San Diego Comic-Con
Communities of all kinds are held up by pillars made of heart. Typically embodied by people who let the weight of their community rest on their shoulders, willing to let life be life. Sometimes it hurts, and sometimes it's comfortable. Regardless, the result is a halo that surrounds all participants in a community. The healing light of being mothered, fathered or cared for.

These are very special people who take this role in your community. Maybe this person is you. In which case, please be you today, and every day. Because you are very important.

For the rest of us, we all know who the pillars are that hold up the communities that we care about. We all know the value of what they do, especially when we stop to think about it.

There is nothing in life that I have ever found a deeper admiration for than people who take on this role. Pillars of Community. When a human being digs their heels in, claims territory and begins to show Love towards a group of people, they begin to embody the beauty of humanity in its greatest light. Passionate leadership, selflessness. Care for their fellow man. Admiration and dedication to a cause.

It doesn't happen every day. 

And it is a personal sacrifice for the greater good. People in such communities find success, and many rewards. Pillars of Community create an atmosphere where success is possible, growth is possible, life is possible. After all we are all mere humans, and we need to be Loved in all aspects of our development. When we go off the rails or as life derails us, sometimes we need that pillar to guide as back to the light.

Pillars of Community are very important people, who cannot be thanked enough.

Three things:


I wrote about Clydene Nee here on my journal in July of 2013. As a quick recap, she's the amazing woman who happens to be the Community Pillar for Artists' Alley at San Diego Comic-Con since 1989. She's a hero to this community, loved by all who she has touched. And that's a long, long list of people. I ask that you visit Clydene's GoFundMe page. On behalf of deviantART, a donation has already been made. So you don't have to donate, only if you want to. More importantly, I just want you to read about this woman, and what she is going through, plus who is stepping up to the plate to help. As a member of both the deviantART community, and the SDCC Artists' Alley community, I'm so worried about Clydene. And I'm so moved by the support she is seeing. It's beautiful. It's inspiring. It's so deserved. I wanted to share it. The page was set up by our very own diablo2003 (Mark Brooks) on her behalf. Contributions have come from over 240 people, including Jim Lee (jimlee00) from DC Comics, Erik Ko (ErikKo) and others. I don't think she would have set a page up like this for herself. I'm so proud of you, diablo2003, for stepping up to the plate. It's really awesome of you.


In honor of wonderful people like Clydene, people who are Pillars of Community ... please share with us (in the comments) who at deviantART is a pillar of community for you. Or, simply share whatever comes to mind about the pillars that hold up the community you love! These people are critical in life, it's always important to stop and thank them. Acknowledge them. Encourage them. They have often times deviated from their lives, to give to something that matters. 


If you don't feel like talking about it here, then I simply encourage you to reach out to that pillar today and say THANK YOU, YOU MEAN A LOT TO ME! They need to hear it! 

True deviants. True deviousness.


-- :spyed:  

Okay... We played a little last year about doing a collaboration between Heavy Metal and DeviantART.  We got some guys on the back covers, we got a few articles in the mag, but we need to step up the game a little.

HM Competition by DeevElliott

It is so hard to get your work published these days and thank god Kevin
Eastman understands that.  So having put together some special issues of
Heavy Metal recently I pitched Kevin on forgetting the idea of a few
DeviantART pin-ups or a gallery...

DRAVN Heavy Metal issue 262 cover by KENDRICK LIM by DeevElliottDRAVN - Britney by Stanley Artgerm Lau by DeevElliottHeavy Metal by DeevElliott
Heavy Metal DeevElliott Special by DeevElliott

Instead we'll do an entire issue of Heavy Metal from the DeviantART community.  Yup, 100 pages of dA goodness wrapped in slick glossy paper.  We're going to aim for an issue as soon as possible next year.  The page rates are $75 per page (all in including lettering), yes it is really low and that's because Heavy Metal was established by reprinting European material so think about what you already have done that might be a good fit.  Also you own your material, no rights are being relinquished.  If you've collaborated on something with another creator now is a good time to discuss how the copyright line should read.

The magazine is 8 x 11 inches.  Files will be needed at least 300 dpi (dots per inch). EDIT!! It doesn't need to be in color.  Black and white or toned works too.

But let's not get a head of ourselves.  Remember, this is Heavy Metal magazine.  Unless it ends in blood and death, I wouldn't submit your tributes to My Little Pony.  This is also primarily a comic magazine so comic and fantasy art would be top of the list, however I won't rule out photography or tattooing or cosplay if you think it's on subject.  Please don't submit just one piece of art.  I'm looking for two galleries and several stories ranging from 4 to 12 pages in length.

Please remember that whatever you submit must be yours.  You can't submit artwork or stories that incorporate elements or characters that are owned by others.  No Batman or Wolverine stories please.  Also, only submit if you genuinely feel your work is ready to see print. I know it is tough assessing your own material, be brutal with yourself.

Disclaimer!!! I work for a living and in the comics industry that means you work hard and rarely get a break.  If I like what I see I will tell you but I won't be able to reply to everyone about why I couldn't use your work and/or give a critique.  You will find that very few editors ever have the time to get back about submissions.  Sometimes if you're lucky you'll get a rejection slip in with your returned submission.

In this case either post below or send me a message with a link to the pieces you want to submit.

Also, this isn't a race.  I want to give as many people the chance to see this as possible.  Think hard about what you want to submit or do for this.  I'll update this journal when I have set a firm deadline.

If we can pull together a great issue I will definitely be pushing for another or even something regular.  But something like that will be the subject of my next journal...


- Dave
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